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Managing Director/CEO, CRC Credit Bureau and
Founder, TOMEB Foundation for Youth Development & Sustainability

Date: Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today, crisis has enveloped quite a large part of the world, the principal causes attributed to
either a long period of misrule, absence of good leadership and a complete disregard for the
yearnings, aspirations and interests of the people by those who are suppose to be leaders.
From America to Afghanistan, from Greece to Cote d’Ivoire and from Libya to Syria, it has
been the challenge of youths uprising, unemployment, loss of jobs, etc. The world seems to
be at the highest level of turmoil without being at war. A cursory review of the happenings
around the world seems to point to shortage of visionary leadership as a major factor
responsible for the sorry state of our world.

[button url=”http://www.tomebfoundation.com/doc/UNILORIN-IBB-LAW-LECTURE-NIGERIA-LEADERSHIPN-IN-THE-21-CENTURY.pdf” style=”readmore” size=”small” type=”” target=”_blank”]Read full presentation[/button]

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